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The Solar River Part 2

Sometimes a coherent vision to the contemporary climate content seems limited.  I have been working on a paper that promotes the possibility that within high altitude mid latitude catchments, there may be a forecasting skill advantage to utilize the Solar River as an inspiration.  In exploring that potential I often stumble across interesting patterns.  The featured image is a random selection from my focus on standardized streamflow value histories for selected streams across my study area geared towards the Southern Rocky Mountains (SRM).  The two images that follow cover two snapshots in time of the relative magnitudes of streamflows based on the (60 month averages of the) selected record locations across the Western US, as the insets demonstrate.


The vertical green lines of the insets for this pair identify that these are periods where both New Mexico and the rest of the western streams appear to be of similar relative magnitude and in synchrony.

This website includes many examples where I’ve linked a sampling of these states to precursor oscillations and have used those to forecast future streamflows in targeted regions.  The solar notion is invoked here as before because a possibly enhanced solar precursor signal to surface hydrologic time series can sometimes be found to assist the exercise.

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