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Covid-19 versus the reality of SRVs

There are several reasons to doubt the reality of Covid-19 or any of its supposedly mutating progeny. Please don’t overreact. Scientists are supposed to be skeptical, especially in times of charged emotions. The featured fact-based chart above is only one of the reasons I question if Covid-19 is really different than any other seasonal respiratory virus (SRV). You may choose to believe that all other influenza cases miraculously disappeared over the pandemic. That’s what the dotted red line appears to claim. I choose to interpret that when respiratory viral surveillance was needed more than ever, it was cancelled.

That is much like cancelling law enforcement in the midst of a crime wave.

And one can wonder if such a thing ever were to happen, how could normal accountable governance, safety and security ever be restored? Many months after I first alerted that viral surveillance protocols were canceled, the CDC actually confirmed, as a publication I coauthored was later able to slightly amplify. You will find the cancellation description towards the end of that peer reviewed publication. And as a researcher who has a stake in attribution, I’m concerned that the deeply foot-dragging CDC confirmation was plagiaristic, because their Jan 2021 low key disclosure did not cite my September 2020 post alert. Nor have any media bothered to draw your attention to this cancellation, even after the CDC revealed it. Even to this day.

At one time, I did have the license to reach out to many subject matter experts in epidemiology, biostatistics, and virology and ask fairly direct questions, along the lines of “is Covid-19 mutually exclusive from Influenza-Like-Illnesses?” The answer was unfailingly “No”. Why those experts never went public with that important information, again, to this very day, is beyond my understanding.

Many additional subject matter experts appeared interested to exclude our publication from your radar, even though it was largely about connections to seasonality of viruses and pollens. I was informed that 25 Editors at Nature Scientific Reports initially refused to take on the role of handling our submission. That might be some kind of record in its own right. One virologist suggested that my contributions to that work would be perceived as “heresy”. But the paper was eventually published, although it is hardly cited at all. It’s sad because not only is the pollen connection very intriguing, but the ground-breaking suggestion that Covid-19 would turn out to be seasonal is now verifiably correct.

My previous post also documents that viral surveillance has now been restored as a mutated version. There are several posts which go into a few related directions. As hard to digest as many of those might be, there is much more. Here’s an example of the alarming claim of hospitalizations for Covid that had been broadcast.

For a few days, Subject Matter Experts claimed a hospital bed crisis due to Covid-19 (red line). Immediately after I raised a confirmation concern on social media, the numbers were rapidly replaced (green and black lines).

The skeleton inset is an artifact of a group I had started on a social media platform. The impotent-looking red line was anything but, because of the timing of those irreproducible claims. Here is documentation that the apparently incorrect numbers were widely reported.

OCTOBER 26, 2020 New Mexico officials issue warning about hospital capacity | AP News

quotes from this AP News article:

  • “Hospitalizations also have skyrocketed with nearly 290 people being treated around the state, marking a four-fold increase over the past month”
  • “Dr. Jason Mitchell, chief medical officer at Presbyterian Healthcare Services, said his organization is seeing its highest volume of patients since the pandemic began. Of the several dozen COVID-19 patients at Presbyterian, about 30% are being treated in intensive care units.”
  • “Modeling by scientists with the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Presbyterian shows that around 900 additional COVID-19 cases a day fills about 180 ICU beds as a result, Mitchell said”
  • “New Mexico hospitals are coordinating with each other”


100,000 Covid-19 cases before the Pandemic?

Numbers are funny except when they are not. I don’t know what to make of this below, which I developed from data in the course of my research leading to my coauthored publication.

Maybe Drs Scrase or Fauci could explain how Covid-19 was reported to circulate around NM and the US, before it was actually discovered here.

This post includes opinions.

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