Hydroclimatology and Solar Explorations

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QG Observations and Solar Cycles

The OLR signature correlates significantly on a monthly scale to the sunspot number index (SSN).  In earlier posts I have related that sunspot number correlations to actual measured climatologic variables  have been hard to document.  Here I simply show some work in progress which uses standard sources to relate the SSN to the OLR index.  The OLR also is an important component of ENSO.

Whatever might be said of the possible significance (measured for subscribers of the Stochatlas), the second image set explores the OLR connection via a limited areal perspective to the  QG related parameter EP (Evaporation minus Precipitation).  Note the OLR footprint is identified by the horizontal line that intersects the blue rectangle.

In these contour bands, the lighter the value, the greater the EP.  Blue streamlines originate from 135 deg Longitude East.  Red and green streamlines originate from at or near the Greenwich meridian.


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