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MW&A works with Los Alamos Scientist Dr. Petr Chylek On Hydrologic Forecasting Application

This week, Albuquerque-based hydrology firm Michael Wallace and Associates (MW&A) signed an agreement with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for technical assistance and collaboration regarding MW&A’s hydrologic forecasting business line.  The initiative includes the support of world renowned LANL atmospheric/climate scientist Dr. Petr Chylek.   This initial phase is part of an exploration along the razor’s edge of proven hydroclimatologic and climatologic forecasting  for our host region of the US Southwest.

MW&A’s  original forecast for stream flows at the Upper Rio Grande was published in May of this year, at  The results are a qualified success, as a following post shows.

From founder Michael Wallace: “MW&A is fortunate to work in the State of New Mexico, which through the Small Business Assistance Program, encourages small business interaction with such important resources as Dr. Chylek.

Dr. Chylek’s proven insights and processes will assist and inform our ongoing development of a natural and practical foundation for future, more accurate hydrologic forecasting in the monthly to the decadal timescales.  This system, anchored in the indisputable connections between the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and our local climate, will provide significant benefits in comparison to prevailing methods.

Potential customers for our advanced services include water managers, commodities investors, energy and natural resources managers, recreational industries, civil engineering firms, and insurance underwriters, to name a few.  For those who are willing to focus on what works in hydroclimatology, compared to what hasn’t been working, this could be an exciting time for hydrologic forecasting in the US Southwest and adjacent regions.”

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