Hydroclimatology and Solar Explorations

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A 60 year record of Solar Forcing of Earth’s Climate

the sun forces our climate

the sun forces our climate

Apart from the obvious diurnal and seasonal orbital solar forcing , there are a rare number of additional longer scale records and/or hypotheses of solar forcing of our climate.  Most of the records that can be directly identified relate to lower stratospheric and upper tropospheric observations averaged over large areas and identified only after seasonal filtrations.   Some hypotheses are argued to impact the hydrologic cycle but are yet to be confirmed in nature.  Some hypotheses and records are advanced from extensive data collection and synthesis over broad areas and offer promise but are not yet implemented towards forecast applications.

One record has been developed from a single location on the planet’s surface and is pictured in the featured images.  This appears to be the only location identified within the Earth’s lower atmosphere where a clear multi decadal climate solar signal can be quantitatively recognized to date.  It is the same connection that MWA has been utilizing to forecast high accuracy drought and fluvials (wet climate periods) in the Southwestern US.  Our premier example is found here:


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