Hydroclimatology and Solar Explorations


MWA now forecasts moisture in Pacific and Asian Regions

Perhaps other researchers have not yet noticed that Japanese moisture (as measured by streamflows) goes up as Hawaiin moisture goes down, and vice versa.  Or that both can be forecast from commensal correlations to other climate indexes that we apply.  The cover image identifies one paired example.  Although not pictured, we can demonstrate that this correlation generally persists over time and through seasons.

Our rapidly developing research also indicates that the Ganges River (Kanpoor) and other related watersheds now can be forecast with greater accuracy, and further into time, than ever before.

In the image below, a time series of flow from a Ganges gage (10 yta) is depicted by open blue circles, alongside other parameters that MW&A has pioneered deployment towards high accuracy, multi year forecasting for other streams half way around the world, including the Rio Grande (Otowi gage) in the Southern Rocky Mountains of the US (blue dotted line).



Please note that this image is only in context of a paper in progress, and it only shows an existing set of time series.  No forecasts or other exercises are depicted.  Additional well known climate indexes are including in the chart, allowing for any reader interested in our claims to quickly examine a number of observed climate signals at the same time, relevant to the streamflow series which is being studied.

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