Hydroclimatology and Solar Explorations


Forecasting Seasonal Moisture, Two Years in Advance

We have utilized our approach to develop seasonal forecasts for a client based largely on a 2 year lag to one of our anchor parameters.  This animation simply shows a portion of the actual quarterly averages getting updated with every month, from the end of January to the end of May (est) 2016.  The actual underlying content is profiled in our latest report for sale.

MW&A applies our unique approach, grounded in best stochastic hydrologic practices, in producing these forecasts, projections, predictions and/or hindcasts (fpph), and in analyzing past forecasts and forecasts by others.  MW&A makes no further representations on fpph performance or accuracy.  Buyers are cautioned and advised to treat all hydroclimatologic forecasts as exercises which although based on quantifiable data, are nonetheless subject to extensive uncertainty.

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