Global Ocean pH Contours and More, part 1

1968MeanOceanPelagicPH_mwaThis post features preliminary results from a first-order data filtering algorithm I programmed in Matlab to comb through portions of the World Ocean Database which I extracted from a NOAA site in late 2013.  This first plot covers ocean pelagic zone pH for the year 1968.

1968MeanOceanMeasPH2_mwaI’ve added a contour plot of the average depths of pelagic measurements.  Please refer to the NOAA WOD site for their definition of measurement depth.  Note the darker colors represent shallower depths.

In all cases, contours are developed by a kriging algorithm.  Nearly 16,000 individual measurements were incorporated for the pH coverage of 1968 alone.  All measurements likely were obtained via glass electrode pH meters (gephs).   I will continue to develop and compile these contour plots until all years are covered.

1988MeanOceanPelagicPH_mwaSimply because 1968 was a relatively low PDO year and 1988 is a relatively high PDO year, I’ve also recently drafted up a contour plot of global pH for that year.

Please keep in mind the impacts of the boundaries, locations and depths of data, seasons of data collection and numerous other factors, upon the contouring results.   Accordingly, it is premature to reliably interpret any image shown here, other than gross characteristics perhaps.

Moving along, the WOD database has a rich variety of oceanic data which invites explorations on numerous fronts.  One front concerns trade winds, which also show time series behavior suggestive of correspondence to the PDO (again).    Initially here are four representations of the ‘wind speed’ parameter as collected from ocean measurements over the year 1968.



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