The featured image overlaps with a work in progress that is in peer review. It covers the classic Auto Regression Moving Average (ARMA) approach applied to the Sun, a parameter of the western tropical Pacific Ocean, and several rivers of the Southwestern US.   It captures among other things, our ability to explain as no other can, why flows swing one way for some streams and a different way for others.

legend description:   ACF  is Auto Correlation Function

5yta  is the five year trailing average, typically derived from monthly average products.

SSN = Sunspot numbers

TWWP = a parameter of the atmosphere over the Western Equatorial Pacific

PnP, Animas, GnG, LFRUT = Streams of the Rocky Mountains, Western US

These patterns appear to be consistent with what I’ve termed the persistence of the Solar Mountain.  Once again but through a different profile, the Sun’s auto correlation pattern is central to a persistent division between streams of the Rocky Mountains as this image samples from.

A better understanding of the cross regressions between all of these featured variables is also a focus of the paper in review.