Our stochATLAS ™ now features two primary geospatial coverages: the classic time series treadmarks (see bottom image), and the new line of quasi geostrophic QG global coverages, such as seen here and below (contours of geopotential height Z for full atmosphere).



Subscribers may find that there is no need for an artist to highlight the jet streams or polar vortexes, gyres, or other major cyclonic disturbances of any given month, year or decade since the 1980s.   These features are automatically illustrated and highlighted by streamline convergence through this data-centric method.

  1. Content Includes Temporal and Spatial coverages of ERA Interim and USGS and other hydroclimate data sources.
  2.  stochATLAS mapped monthly time series contours of > 15 streams of Western US and other parts of the world.
  3. Global monthly, annual, 5 year average and related contours of ERA Interim temperature and moisture factors from 1979 through 2014 at this time.
  4. Global vectors of ERA Interim full atmosphere zonal and meridional velocities, including particle tracks and stream lines.
  5. Supporting time series of selected point locations (a growing feature that currently includes several points in the US, Asia and the Pacific Ocean) in .csv formats.

Purchase StochAtlas2017 Q1 for $59.95.

Here are some unique SL examples (in extreme low resolution) from stochAtlas2016 Q1: