We like to call them Nature’s Tread Marks, but to be more accurate, this atlas of Stochastic Landscapes (SLs) covers a variety of direct time series visualization products such as the work by University of Arizona graduate Richard Koehler, PhD, in 2004 [1] .

Our primary focus on a monthly averaged rendition of the time averaged data, along with other perspectives such as our reliance upon a quasi three dimensional supporting representation are what make our Stochastic Landscape (SL) features an often vital component of our content.

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Here are some unique SL examples (in extreme low resolution) from stochAtlas2016 Q1:






[1] Koehler, Richard Bruce, 2004, RASTER-BASED ANALYSIS AND VISUALIZATION OF HYDROLOGIC TIME-SERIES,  Dissertation. School of Renewable Natural Resources.  The University of Arizona

[2] Michael G. Wallace, 2015, OCEAN OSCILLATION BASED HYDROLOGIC FORECASTING,  MW&A Annual HydroClimatology Report for Calendar Year 2014   Michael Wallace and Associates, Albuquerque, NM.