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Rest in Peace, Right Size Roadmap

The current pandemic, including the vaccination programs, would have turned out quite differently if the RSR hadn’t been quietly and abruptly retired. The Right Size Roadmap (RSR) was a set of protocols for respiratory virus surveillance [1].

The RSR wasn’t exactly a law or even a regulation. It was a set of triage, testing, and reporting guidelines that the health industry, including the CDC and the Center for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, along with your own doctors, nurses, and hospitals, all followed and nominally respected.

The RSR was developed to ensure the best possible tabulation of respiratory viruses which were making people sick every year. The RSR authors, all of their colleagues, and many supporting politicians and leaders felt this would give us all an edge in producing and delivering the most effectively – targeted flu vaccine cocktails each season.

Remember when vaccines were painstakingly grown on egg farms every summer, based on the annual May proclamation from our experts regarding which were the primary circulating flu bugs in any year? The strategy never worked very well at preventing flu because those illnesses have continued to circulate and grow in intensity every year. But at least the RSR also ensured consistency and prevented confusion, waste, and fraudulent testing activities. I’ve detailed some aspects of the RSR at this earlier post.

In short the RSR was why only sick people were tested for respiratory viruses. All workers in the field have long recognized that our atmosphere is saturated with viruses, and that our bodies harbor them simply from the act of breathing. It is our immune system that keeps these viruses at bay. So you can test for any virus in someone’s saliva or nasal swab, and you might find the virus you are looking for. That is never a necessary or sufficient condition to attribute illness, and the RSR once prevented such attribution-abuse.

But we all know that widespread testing of the non-ill began around March of 2020. You may have been tested yourself while healthy. March-April of 2020 was the time that the RSR was quietly eliminated across the US and around the world. Much later, there was some almost invisible hand-wringing and and crocodile tears. I witnessed that because, while I researched seasonal virus transport in the geostrophic atmosphere and its relation to pollens, I tried to find out why the RSR was terminated and why none had raised bloody hell.

By asking key questions to key people, I learned that the RSR was canceled long before most ever admitted it. I did try to raise this issue but never got anywhere. I guess the fact that NM finally started reporting and tabulating Covid-19 hospitalizations can be attributed to my activism, but we may never know. I did confirm that health care scientists who should know better, effectively admitted that the reported numbers of Covid-19 cases included most or all influenza cases as well. I know that because I asked several if the Covid-19 numbers and the influenza numbers in the CDC reports were “mutually exclusive”, and the mumbling answer was always “no”.

It seems much like a walking nightmare, because this should be common sense to all thinking people. Why reporting and tabulation of flu cases disappeared when Covid reporting emerged is not an idle question. It is probably THE question. And when everyone is tested for only a single virus, whether they are healthy or sick, this is a sign that health care workers are no longer following the RSR.

I appreciate that the RSR was not a law or a regulation. It was not even an organization like the FBI or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It was voluntary with some powerful pressures, but there were no legal consequences for failure or abuse. It was the self-enforcement of the RSR that may have prevented the need for making laws and regulations to govern viral respiratory surveillance.

Maybe now that the RSR has been discarded like your smelly mask, it is time to revisit the need for actual Regulations to prevent further respiratory viral surveillance-abuse.

Politicians and pundits appear to be clueless, or worse about the RSR. I watch Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci spar in a kabuki theater that deflects from the RSR termination. Both are presumably professionals in health care and so they do know what the RSR was. You’ll never however hear that acronym emerge from their all-knowing lips. So here are some metaphorical arguments to hopefully help you and them to find a sense of purpose regarding this RSR topic.

If our nation was gripped in a vast organized crime wave, would our leaders respond by terminating the FBI? Would they follow up to interrogate every single person living or dead regarding these crimes? If you can test everyone for a virus, certainly you are justified to question everyone for a crime.

Imagine that hundreds of major corporations’ stocks tanked due to false quarterly reporting and insider-trading, wiping trillions of dollars off of the ledgers. Would the US respond by terminating the SEC? Would they follow up by interrogating every individual of all ages regarding possible insider trading?

You may love your doctor, but the health care industry might not be trusted to monitor themselves, given that they terminated the RSR without any disclosure. I did bring this up with professionals in the virus field, but after almost a year, crickets.

I also had a brief discussion or two with at least one physician who indicated that he routinely diagnosed Covid-19 based on symptoms alone. That’s impossible. There is no symptom of Covid-19 that is unique. And now that the RSR has been eliminated, there is no means to quantify its infectiousness (or its transmission factor), although scientists who don’t mind that the RSR was cancelled, already claim to have done so.

The development of targeted vaccines was once strongly coupled to the RSR. And attribution of illness/side effects from vaccines is much easier, because the transmission of vaccine to muscle (through a needle) is usually well documented. One vaccine from Australia is believed to have imparted HIV – like symptoms to some recipients. The nearly billion dollar effort was canceled as a result. Oddly, the vaccine was derived from the HIV virus. That means in one perspective that researchers tried to prevent a possibly overrated covid virus* with a modification of a virus for which there is no cure.

The rapid development of Covid-19 vaccines begs the question of why none have ever marketed a vaccine for the common cold. The coronavirus is after all, a variation of the family of common cold viruses. Accordingly this would be worth exploring. Just as now with the current pandemic coronavirus, the failed cold vaccination researchers frequently point to rapid mutations as a moving target. But now for some reason, that is no longer a reason to withhold the treatment. I also think it is a concern that today’s pandemic vaccinators are already claiming success, even though it is SUMMER. Summer in our northern hemisphere is the season when all respiratory viruses diminish. How do they dare to take credit? I guess the science-challenged journalists everywhere allow this.

Perhaps if vaccinators want to show better virus success, they should move the starting window for all of our flu vaccinations to April rather than September. Then miraculously, the influenzas and coronas, adenos and synctial respiratory virus cases will drop immediately following the start of this new vaccination season. And they can then claim success rates that are astronomical. There is the problem of the following Autumn, but the vaccinators can cross that bridge when they get there. A compliant journalism industry will help.

As a genetic novice, and informal blogger, I can also speculate that these categories of rapidly-mutating corona and influenza viruses may be more aligned to breeds of an animal rather than different species. Even non-novice researchers relate that viruses may exchange bits of RNA within a host cell which they happen to infect. That is a type of procreation is it not? Different species cannot do this. If you don’t believe, try breeding a horse with a bird or a fish.

And try to identify the physical and mechanism differences between a Covid-19 virus from other Coronaviruses or even from an influenza virus. One may be slightly larger than the other, but they have basically the same spike glycoprotein morphologies and activities. Those are the spikes that researchers now fabricate for our vaccines. The differences among Covid viruses, and between those and Influenza viruses, are typically detailed through phylogenetic trees. Those are the same types of maps one uses to differentiate dog breeds.

Differences in size, “color”, RNA, and aggression are found in dogs and respiratory viruses. Dogs all belong to one species. Do the viruses vary because of mutations or is it from a type of interbreeding? (fair use and modifications of a painting by Geordie Pool)

There are clearly many different kinds of viruses that are not genetically or morphologically close. Compare any bacteriophage virus to the Coronavirus family and you can see that. But the Corona and Influenza viruses that succeed in invading our upper respiratory systems all largely look and function as if they were closely related. Perhaps the wide variety is not from mutations but rather the kind of genetic sharing that is associated with sexual reproduction. Again, this is only a blog, but in this case there are research papers that can be cited.

*If the RSR were in force, we could know how overrated or underrated SARS-CoV-2 (the Covid-19 virus) is.

[1] to download the RSR pdf: Influenza Virologic Surveillance Right Size Roadmap (

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