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StochAtlas Upgrade Announcement

May 2017.

Please note our introduction of systematic mapping of ERA Interim products for full atmosphere and related.  Because the products are integrations across the full atmosphere, they are compatible with quasi geostrophic (QG) simplifications.  We have shown in a previous post that QG based visualizations capture such elements as the Polar Vortex very well.  We start with coverage of the following products: U,V,Z,T, and EP.  We add time series for point locations from related data sets.

Also, future distributions of the StochAtlas will include our publicly available model results in our modification of Taylor diagrams whenever a certain threshold of comparisons to observations are reached.  We encourage clients to expect no less from any provider of hydroclimatologic forecasting.

We welcome all of our competitors, including all VIC and CMIP clients, as well to routinely include the same with forecasts, hindcasts and climate representations.  Some of our modified Taylor diagrams will be additionally provided license free and if that is practiced by others using a common Taylor diagram format then easy, useful and productive comparisons can by shared by all.

About the featured image:  An example of some StochAtlas content (5 year trailing average of vertically integrated temperature of the full atmosphere calculated for the years 1985 and 2004, based upon the ERA Interim products) that would constitute an observation set which might feed into a modified Taylor diagram.  Related time series are available for each blue dot location.   For rapid confirmation that the two five year integrated periods are independent, Greenland can be examined.


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