No experiment has ever successfully demonstrated the greenhouse gas (ghg) effect.

No meteorologist has ever applied ghgs to successfully forecast the day’s or week’s weather anywhere on our planet.

No hydrologist or climatologist has ever applied ghgs to successfully forecast the month’s or season’s or annual or decadal, drought and streamflow patterns anywhere on our planet.

No greenhouse-gas-based computer model has accurately simulated the global or regional climate for any period of time, up to the present day.  Ever.

In other words, if a scientist, educator, or other climate-influencer believes in a greenhouse gas climate change narrative:

  • They believe in something that cannot be demonstrated in any laboratory.
  • They believe in something that cannot be observed in our atmosphere anywhere, over any day, week, month, season, year, or even over any decade.
  • They believe in computer projections which are always wrong and which were never calibrated.

They also appear to believe that others are not permitted to question or mock their alarming assertions.

I could go on.  Some examples would include:

No experiment has ever demonstrated human-induced ocean acidification.

No model of global ocean carbonate chemistry patterns (ocean pH) has ever matched the actual data.

No experiment has ever demonstrated that chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) and other man-made refrigerants and propellants (for air conditioners, refrigerators, respiratory inhalers, and the like) are an important factor in the patterns of ozone in our atmosphere

No model of CFC – ozone hole causation has ever been validated.

No comprehensive accounting of global ice and glacier distributions has ever been conducted.

Some would have argued that climate change science may not have all of the answers, but they are the best answers scientists can develop.  Those scientists have apparently not bothered to investigate solar causation.  My recent paper is a great place to start because it appears to be the only peer-reviewed climate paper which is based on actual observations, can be reproduced in any laboratory, and which has produced accurate decadal forecasts.

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