MWA Forecasting Service Regions

MWA Forecasting Service Regions

Our forecasting domain is now effectively global.

This sample GlobaAtmMoisture1985vs20125ytab describes a customer specific focus on custom global hydroclimatologic variables.  In this example, the subject watershed is in the Southern Rocky Mountains (Blue rectangle in North America).  This product employs a 5 year trailing average flow (5 yta cfs) for two periods.  In the upper left, Our global coverage resource (mapped from the ERA Interim satellite coverage available at UCAR site) shows a high moisture condition across the globe in comparison to the image at the upper right which covers a later and drier period for clients associated with the Upper Rio Grande.  These global coverages are also mapped to the bottom chart which primarily compares the monthly Upper Rio Grande stream flow record (cfs) overlain to the monthly Sunspot number  (SSN) time series from SILSO.

The integrated stochastic atlas which includes this image helps our clients to start with reproducible climate forecasting performance data and observations for future projections, often in conjunction with other consulting services.


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