I first posted a piece about the Megawatershed Hoax in late April.  Any have been free to submit a comment but so far none have.  Now, Hydrologist Dr. Jay Lehr has stepped down from his position as Heartland Institute’s Science Director.

This was confirmed by new Heartland Institute employee and former independent climate blogger Anthony Watts to me, on the same weekend that he posted a long essay coauthored by Dr. Lehr on his own site at WUWT.

At this point, neither the blog site or the organization have publicly discussed the departure of their Science Director, or any circumstances which the public might find informative.  That institute has removed the name from the staff listing according to my source.  Also a related site PJ Media has corrected their bio of Dr. Lehr for their posting of the identical article.

If the Megawatershed revelation was the cause, this would be good for all to know.  I wasn’t seeking for any to step down, only for greater candid communications, especially from supposedly skeptical resources.

As I suggested to Anthony, an accounting of the Megawatershed would add value to all parties and perhaps be cathartic, even for Dr. Lehr.  So each of the parties are welcome to comment here  and offer corrections or opinions and suggestions going forward.


This post includes opinions but the primary fact appears confirmed by two sources, Watts and PJ Media.



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